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Sublimation Transfer Equipment 2017-11-27T20:11:58+00:00

Sublimation Transfer Equipment

Rotary Oil Type 

Polyester pongee, satin and peach skin.

Fabric sheets for displays: Flags, tents, blankets and curtains etc.


  • Short pre-heat time, low power consumption
  • Digital LCD display
  • Work Table is optional
  • With power protection function to avoid burning blanket
  • Using advanced semi-conductor parts, keeping low noise during the operation


It is specially applicable for transferring flag, cloth, clothing, curtains,bedding, cushion, umbrella, belt and individual design for printing. Each cloth can be pressed evenly.

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Multifunctional Oil Type 

PMOT series multi-functional oil thermal transfer machine is suitable for both thermal transferring on fabrics and low temperature transferring on cotton materials.With high quality oil heating system, MOT machine is a perfect choice for fabric and clothing printing.

Type: MOT – 1 700


  • Both thermal transferring and low temperature transferring are available
  • Perfect result of transferring
  • It uses duplex oil tank to get more even temperature outputPrecise mechanical structure and installing rollers to the machine
  • Adjustable air pressure control system improves transferring results of different kinds of materials
  • It feeds and collects rolls and clothing pieces in parallel by roll- to-roll  system without drifting the materials to left or right
  • Blanket can be separated from oil tank easily
  • Customised machine to work with different power supplies

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Ribbon Oil Type 


It is suitable for printing on various kinds of head ribbon, racing ribbon, special ribbon, mobile ribbon, cloth ribbon, shoe ribbon (without limitation of width), and all kinds of ribbon that can be also ironed and pressed.

Type: ROT-1200

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