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Fabric Painting

Fabric Painting

Chemosol manufactures the well known Aquatex Textile Printing Ink and Fabric Paint.

Our product range includes:

  • Aquatex Fabric Paint
  • Aquatex Pearl Paint
  • Aquatex Rave Colours
  • Seika Metallic and Opaque Colours
  • Aquatex clear extender
  • Aquatex Pigment Colours
  • Aquatex Brushes

All our Aquatex paints are available in:

100ml  200ml  1L  5L

Opaque White & Extender Base are available in:

125g • 250g  1kg  5kg 25kg

Available Store Stands

Stand 1

Also available in a 100ml stand


šAquatex colours
šOpaque White
šRave colours
šExtender base

Stand size:

Width:  65cm
Height:  1.85cm

Stand 2

  • šGlitter paint 60ml & 100ml
  • Pearl paint 60ml & 100ml
  • Puff paint 60ml
  • White & Black outliner 60ml
  • Metalic medium 100ml
  • Fabric sealer 500ml

Stand size:

Width:  40cm
Height:  1.85cm

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