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Paper Consumables

High Release Water Based Digital Sublimation Paper

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New & Improved “Hybrid” formulation

Beaver Paper introduced its “Quick – Dry” dye-sublimation paper to the industry almost five years ago. Today, our latest iteration of that original “Quick – Dry” product, TexPrintXP™.hr is the #1 selling dye-sub paper in North America!

What’s more, TexPrintXP™.hr is still the only “hybrid” paper that can be used successfully for both hard & soft substrates.

TexPrintXP™.hr is a simpler way of getting things done. One product “fits all” is the perfect way for distributors and end – users alike. There is no need to use different papers & profiles for different applications.

TexPrintXP™.hr is available through authorised distributors worldwide!

Tested and proven with all major brands of digital Sublimation Inks, including:

  • Sawgrass IQ
  • SubiM
  • ArTanium
  • Rotech
  • BASF
  • Manoukian
  • J-Teck
  • Kiwa
  • CIBA
  • Hilord
  • Sensient

TexPrintXP™ .hr is fully compatible with Piezo print head technology on all popular large – format dye – sub printers, including:

  • Epson
  • Roland
  • Mimaki
  • Mutoh

Available in:

  • All sheet sizes including A4 – A4 + A3 – A3 + A2
  • Rolls for desktop printers in 33cm & 43cm
  • Large format rolls up to 2.64m
  • 105gsm and 140gsm basis weights
  • Special sizes available upon request


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TexPrint-ThermoTack dye-sub print paper is a middle-weight thermo-adhesive treated dye-sub print paper, designed to adhere to most textiles during heat calendaring. This feature eliminates ghosting and blurring issues during heat pressing. Recommended for use with all piezo-printers.

ThermoTack is available in middle-weight (100 gsm) in a range of sizes from 91cm (36”) to 1.82m (72”).


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ProTex Tissue

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ProTex Tissue is the #1 selling heat-calendar tissue worldwide. A high gas barrier sheet with enhanced heat resistance, ProTex’s formaldehyde-free chemistry prevents yellowing of white synthetics during heat calendaring. Compatible with ALL dye-sub heat calendars.

ProTex is available, worldwide, in 19 gsm through 25 gsm weights, and roll widths from 61cm (24”) to 3.2m (130”)


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TexPrint-GREEN “earth-friendly dye-sub paper”

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TexPrint-GREEN “earth-friendly dye-sub paper” is a revolutionary new lightweight digital dye-sub print paper that combines powerful color with powerful economy. It is the industry’s first 100% sustainable fiber sheet, made even more environmentally friendly by its bleach & chlorine-free chemistry & natural ivory color. Thinner and dimensionally stable, TexPrint-GREEN, engineered for textile applications, saves you money while saving the planet!

“GREEN” dye-sub paper is available in ultra-lightweight (55 gsm) andlightweight (72 gsm), in roll widths from 61cm (24”) to 1.64m (64”).


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