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Screen Printing Books

Pantone Colour Chart

The full range of PANTONE® products are distributed throughout South Africa by the Official PANTONE® Distributors, and has all your PANTONE® Publication requirements, colour charts,formula guides, metallic guides, pastel & neon guides, solid chip and CMYK guides

PANTONE® is the world-renowned authority on colour. For the past 50 years, PANTONE® has been the provider of colour matching systems and our leading technology is the standard language for accurate communication of colour across a variety of industries.

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How to Print T-Shirts

The book totally takes you through the ins and outs of printing T-Shirts, whether you want to do it (as the title says) for fun or as a serious business. It not only discusses the technical part in great detail: it also goes into the marketing and sales of your product. Scott has shared in this book (and all the products he offers) his knowledge and experience of over 40 years in this industry, so that all who are considering taking it seriously as a business don’t fall in the same pitfalls he went through.

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Screen Printing Today

This is an instructional book for new and training professionals in the screen printing industry, and for do-it-yourself individuals and hobbyists. Screen Printing Today: The Basics contains a wealth of information about the world’s most versatile print medium. History, modern applications and methods, new technology, and practical production tips are all combined in an easy-to-understand format. Hundreds of color photos demonstrate everything from creating art and films, through screen and stencil making, ink use, and print production. Additional chapters cover waterbased ink printing, low-tox innovations, process color and fine detail printing, split fountain blends, and economic alternatives for those on limited budgets. Improve your proficiency with many time and money saving tips and tricks, whether printing in a home studio, a commercial shop, or a manufacturing facility.

All production steps are clearly explained and demonstrated. Screen Printing Today: The Basics replaces outdated screen printing instruction manuals. Mixing basic principles with modern materials, methods and systems, this new book will bring your screen printing efforts into the 21st century. Concise, complete and illustrated with over 500 how-to-do-it color photos and diagrams, this book will assist both novice and advanced printers to understand the basic technologies of the screen printing process, and put them into action. As a bonus, included in the book are easy-to-follow plans for building your own vacuum press, T-shirt jig, and exposing system. With this book, some household tools, and a small investment of time and money, you can be screen printing professionally in no time.

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The Sefar Handbook

The Sefar handbook covers all aspects of screen printing with an emphasis on the technology of fabrics, stencils and halftones. From Sefar, the manufacturer of screen mesh, this book is a reference for all screen printers, especially those who want to approach the subject from a high tech perspective.

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