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Screen Coating and Exposing 2017-11-27T20:11:59+00:00

Photo Emulsion 

Photo Emulsion Ink:

Azocol Polyplus SRX: Dual Purpose – Green

Z140: Dual Purpose – Green

Azocol Polyplus S: Solvent Ink – Half Tone – Brown

Hardener HP: Stencil Hardener

Coating Instructions:

Equipment needed to expose screens:

•  Coating Trough
•  Photosensitive Emulsion
•  Silk-Screens
•  Mercury Blend Lamp
•  Table with glass top
•  Sponge
•  Sheet of Wood

Method for coating screens:

With photosensitive emulsion: Apply two coats on the printing side first and then two coats on the squeegee side wet-on wet. Lay the screen on four blocks with the printing side down. Dry with a fan.

Exposing the screens:

The distance from the glass to the light must be approximately 1 metre. After exposing screen for 6 to 8 minutes, wash out with cold, low-pressure water. (Shower nozzle attachment). Dry with a fan. After drying, leave in the sun for 30 minutes to further harden emulsion. Touch up pinholes