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Cleaning of Screens:

Safety gloves, goggles and a respirator must be worn at all times when cleaning screens or using chemicals and solvents. Work in a well-ventilated area.

To remove stencils, dissolve 100g de-coat powder in 5 liters of water. Mix well. When dissolved, apply to both sides of the screen with a soft brush or sponge on both front and back until emulsion starts to dissolve. Then blow out with high-pressure water. Do not allow the de-coat solvent to dry on the screen. While the screen is still wet, apply Pregan C-4 (red liquid) to both sides with a sponge or cloth and then add Pregan Paste to both sides. Once stains dissolve, wash with high-pressure water.  However, if there are stubborn stains, leave chemicals on for approximately 7 – 10 minutes. (Do not let it dry). Blow out with high-pressure water gun, then rinse thoroughly with low-pressure water to ensure that you remove all chemicals are removed.

Make sure that you spray low-pressure water into all the corners.

Once dry, the screen is ready for coating with photosensitive emulsion for the next job.


Never allow chemicals at any stage, to dry on screens.

Cleaning Chemicals

Screen Cleaning Chemicals:

•  Solvent A: Screen-wash for ink removal (poster/sublimation)

 Solvent B: Screen-wash for ink removal (vinyl/corex)

•  Solvent C: Screen-wash for ink removal (Epoxy)

•  Metcon A: Emulsifier for solvent based inks

•  Super Screen-Wash: for U.V. ink

•  Laquer Thinners: General screen cleaning

Stencil Removal / Screen – Reclaiming: 

De-Coat Powder EP3: 100 g  |  500 g |  1 kg |  5 kg |  25 kg

De-Coat Liquid Concentrate: 70ml

Pregan C-4: 1L |  5L |  20L

Pregan Paste Local: 1 kg |  5 kg

Pregan Paste (Kiwo): 1 kg |  5 kg

Screen Cleaning Instructions: 

Materials needed:

• De-Coat Powder: 100g makes 5 liters of de-coat liquid

• De-Coat Paste

• Pregan C-4 Liquid (red in colour)

• Pregan Paste

• High-pressure Water Spray

• Soft Brush or Sponge

* use protective gloves with all chemicals & solvents.