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EPSON Large Format Printers

EPSON Large Format Sublimation Printers

Epson SureColor SC-F500

The SureColor SC-F500 is designed to help businesses expand their product offering, and is Epson’s first 24-inch, dyesublimation printer Whether producing printed phone covers, mugs, mouse mats, t-shirts or cushions, the SC-F500 offers fast turnaround times, reliability and a low total cost of ownership (TCO) to small businesses, requiring no specialist knowledge to set up, operate or maintain. To keep businesses agile and responsive to customer needs, this dye-sublimation printer has been built with ease of use, productivity and efficiency in mind.

Flexibility of applications The SC-F500 has been designed to expand business opportunities with highquality printing on a wide range of gifts and promotional goods.

Enhanced productivity Epson’s refillable ink solution (140ml ink bottles) makes refilling an easy, nonspecialist operation; you can even refill while printing. This enables business to keep running for longer, thereby reducing any downtime.

Easy to use Epson’s technologies are simple to use and highly intuitive. It boasts a 4.3-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity and automatic media changeover functionality, which make printer usage and maintenance a non-specialist activity.

The complete end-to-end Epson printing solution Epson printer products are designed to work in perfect harmony. We offer the complete solution that includes: Epson inks, papers, software… and, of course, the SC-F500 printer.

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Epson SureColor SC-F6300

Produce high-quality printed textiles and promotional goods with this low-maintenance dye-sublimation printer The SureColor SC-F6300, 44-inch, dye-sublimation printer has been developed for textile producers, promotional goods businesses and photographic studios. It boasts a low TCO thanks to improved user productivity and reduced downtime.

Productivity Easy user access and printhead maintenance minimise the need to call an engineer. This reduction in downtime and easy maintenance access keep your business running more efficiently. The enhanced specification of key parts increases product life and ROI

Ease of use Quicker start-up from delivery. No special tools or specialist knowledge required. The out-of-the-box, easy start-up approach, gets businesses up and running as quickly as possible.

Software support Epson offers an impressive suite of bundled software that’s relevant to the needs of your business, this includes: Epson Edge Print RIP Software, Epson Edge Dashboard Support (EMX profiles), and Epson’s LFP Accounting Tool. These provide the most appropriate level of software support to help businesses run even more efficiently, and better analyse costing and profitability.

Complete package We offer users the end-to-end production package, for their peace of mind and convenience. The complete solution includes: hardware, software, printhead, ink, sublimation papers, warranty, and an optional take-up reel to ensure everything works in harmony.

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Epson SureColor SC-F7200

The versatile and reliable SureColor SC-F7200 dye sublimation printer has been designed to give dye sublimation specialists the ultimate in flexibility and productivity, as well as low total cost of ownership.

It is also the ideal solution if you are looking to enter the growing dye sub market for the first time. Versatile dye-sublimation lets you access new added-value revenue streams and achieve higher margins by printing and customising a huge variety of products, such as apparel (from fast fashion to performance sportswear), soft signage, interior decor items, promotional merchandise and gadget decoration.

We have applied our extensive experience in quality and robust hardware and printhead design and manufacture to the SureColor SC-F7200 to deliver unmatched reliability, performance and productivity.

Our dedicated UltraChrome DS inks produce outstanding images and with the comprehensive set of production tools provided by the ErgoSoft Professional RIP supplied as standard, you’ll be producing and profitable from day one.

Epson SureColor SC F7200
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Epson SureColor SC-F9400 & 9400H

Introducing Epson’s SureColor SC-F9400H and SC-F9400 64-inch dye-sublimation printers. The printers have been developed primarily for volume printing, for clothing, textiles and soft signage, as well as other printed merchandise.

The SC-F9400H also offers businesses the option of printing with two genuine fluorescent ink solutions (yellow and pink), which bring bright, vivid colours to the production of sportswear, workwear and fashion items. The SC-F9400 series is an evolution of trusted Epson print technology and provides enhanced quality whilst sustaining productivity and reliability.

A myriad of dynamic colours Epson Edge Print has a “Colour Library Printing” function built in that can be easily installed into Adobe’s Creative Suite applications, so you can push your creativity to the limit using the widest colour gamut. Fluorescent yellow and pink inks have been added alongside the CMYK range, offering high opacity and extra vivid and bright prints to help you stand out from the crowd. Also, our exceptional fluorescent inks make our printers ideal for businesses wanting to expand their offering into additional markets and create vivid, eye-catching sportswear, a wider variety of fashion apparel or engaging soft signage.

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