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Sublimation Transfer Equipment

SOT-1220H Thermal Transfer Press / Calendar

Sublimation Printing

It can handle small production of roll-to-roll or cut piece heat transfer. Moreover, the machine occupies a small work space and requires only one operator. It reduces expenses in terms of power and labour.


  • It is suitable for making samples by roll-to-roll or piece-by-piece. There are three pairs of feeding and take-up rollers.
  • The heating roller is stainless steel and machined to ensure smoothness of the roller’s surface. A Teflon coating on the drum allows for uniform heating. In addition, more than 70% of the roller surface is covered by the transfer blanket, enabling it to reduce heat loss and ensure a great transfer.
  • The machine is designed for top feeding of paper and materials, which allows for easier cut piece placement and keeps fabric feeding more precise which lowers the waste during the transfer process.

TTM-1732 Thermal Transfer Press / Calendar

To meet the growing request of textile printing to protect our living planet,

Calender TTM series is designed for roll to roll sublimation & heat transfer use.

Main application for Textiles, Furnishing, Fashion, Sportswear, Curtain, etc.


  • Short pre-heat time, low power consumption
  • Constant temperatures
  • Auto blanket tracking
  • Hand wheel for easy release of blanket during power outages to prevent damage
  • Work Table is optional
  • 3 Feeding and 3 Take-up rollers
  • Auto shutdown and blanket release

MOT-1742 M – Multifunctional Oil Type

MOT series multi-functional oil thermal transfer machine is suitable for both thermal transferring on fabrics and low temperature transferring on cotton materials.With high quality oil heating system, MOT machine is a perfect choice for fabric and clothing printing.


  • Both thermal transferring and low temperature transferring are available
  • Double wall oil tank to get constant even temperature across the surface of the drum.
  • Adjustable air pressure control system improves transferring results of different kinds of materials
  • 3 feeding and 2 take up reels for roll- to-roll transfer, conveyor belt system allowing for easier collection of piece to piece transfer.
  • Hand wheel for easy release of blanket during power outages to prevent damage
MOT e1585641615365

Ribbon Oil Type


This is suitable for transferring onto Ribbons, Lanyards and narrow polyester rolls.


ROT-942 / 1242

This is suitable for transferring onto Ribbons, Lanyards polyester rolls.